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Who Are We?

Esperance is people. We are investors in private companies. We manage money on behalf of pension funds, foundations, non-profits and families, some of whom you have probably heard of. In fact, you may be one of our clients without knowing it.


Unlike hedge fund managers, our central technique involves the active management and control of companies we invest in. By making companies better we can insure our clients’ financial well-being.


The reason Esperance exists is to make sure that the checks of pensioners and retirees clear when they go to the bank. We propose to be able to help governments and corporations keep their long-term promises to their employees.


At Esperance we believe that money can be made by improving and growing companies. By stimulating the economy in this way we can ensure the vitality of communities everywhere. It just takes a little more work than some fund managers are used to…




This is the hard part. We go into companies and take the time to observe the way things are done before finding ways to make things better. We then actively implement changes in our portfolio companies on the ground floor. Although time-consuming, in the end it makes for better companies and superior returns.


Legal Solutions


We manage the complex interests of local and state governments in a way that benefits our portfolio companies in the most efficient way possible. This is not easy, but someone has to do it. We retain the best legal counsel available to make our case to both counter-parties and partners, whether they be governments or private entities.


Financial Solutions


This is the part that you have heard about but may not understand. We negotiate with the creditors, suppliers and customers of portfolio companies. We arrange preferential access to capital. We put our own money at risk. We avoid loading companies with excessive debt. We give them a chance to succeed.


Latest News


American Express Open Forum features advice from Esperance Fund Management

Esperance managing partner, Robin Lee Allen, gives business emergency preparedness tips in Amex Open Forum article on dealing with natural disasters.

The Junior League of San Francisco honors female philanthropists with help from Esperance

Esperance supports the Women at the Center Honors event at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco in honor of Jennifer Seibel-Newsom and Judy Jorgensen with $50,000.00 donation to endowment.

Esperance Private Equity aims to reinvigorate FastTrack program for inner-city youth.

The San Francisco chapter of the National Association of Securities Professionals recently revived its FastTrack program with a kickoff at Americano Restaurant near the Embarcadero. Representatives from Esperance Fund Management presented to a group of San Francisco financiers about the program.